Gin Kit
How to make your own gin

1. Buy the Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT from our online store. The kit contains all you need make two 350ml bottles of extraordinary gin. Included are: 2x350ml pharamcist bottles incl. awesome wooden cork stoppers. The juniper and botanical of our delicious Blend No. 13, funnel, filter and instructions.

2. Obtain a bottle of you favourite vodka from your trusted booze dealer.

3. Follow the instructions in the kit.

4. Wait 36 hours.

5. Gather your friends and enjoy some extraodinary gin. Pure, with Tonic or in Dr. Charles Levines favourite drink: a Gin Toddy: dissolve 1 tsp of sugar in tumbler-style glass using a sip of pure water. Add ice and 6cl Dr. Charles Levine Gin. Enjoy!